Thursday, August 25, 2011

33 weeks down...

Only 7 more to go...

Some days I can't wait to be done being pregnant... heartburn, rib pain, backache, sore hips... waking up at night a gazillion times to pee or with leg cramps.

Plus, work is crazy busy, and its so tough to focus. Pregnancy is a lot tougher when you have a toddler!

I'm tired!

But then other times, I don't want to be done. We aren't sure we'll try for another, and I want to relish this miracle and enjoy all the kicks and feeling her in my belly.

Besides that, she still doesn't have a name or a bedroom! Eeks!

Its a Girl!!!

Wow! Been along time since my last post! Oops!

Well, we went back for our follow up ultrasound on June 14th and baby cooperated this time :)

Had the tech write the gender in a card - we gave her both pink and blue markers to choose from, so Levi could open the card and tell us the color.

Of course the little stinker said "Blue!" when it was really pink :) But it was still a fun experience!

Of course, that means this Momma has been busy shopping for girly clothes and nursery stuff! So much fun!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BIg Ultrasound!

This little pumpkin is being stubborn and uncooperative already! :D Wouldn't uncross its legs to get a look at the gender!

Everything else was great at the u/s - no red flags at all, so thats wonderful and all I really needed to know! The tech couldn't get a great pic of the spine, so I might be able to go back in a month for anoter scan to check that out, and maybe get a peek at gender then.

HB was 142, baby was measuring on time and is approx 8 oz - smaller than Levi who was about 11 oz 8 days later. This baby also is probably not as tall - the femur is measuring right on whereas with Levi is was measuring 29 weeks at the 20w u/s!

Placenta is anterior like I guessed, and baby is also currently transverse, so that explains why the movement has been so sporatic and off to either side, not down low in front like Levi.

Didn't get many good pictures since it was moving all over - I've got another super active one in there! But here are a couple:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

16 week appt update

All is well! No protein in my urine this time. Weight is up a tad more than I would like, but I haven't been eating very healthy either :/

Blood pressure was a bit lower than normal - 100/50, but I also hadn't eaten anything yet today.

She found the heartbeat right away and felt around and showed me where my uterus was up to - about an inch below my belly button.

Talked to my ob about my concerns over switching doctors during the time I would be going in for the anatomy scan at 20 weeks, so she had it scheduled just a bit early so I can still have it done with her and she can go over results with me before her last day.

So, my big ultrasound is scheduled for May 17th!

Now if only I could convince dh to let me find out the gender...

Monday, April 11, 2011

NT scan & 2nd Appt

Had the NT scan last Monday and then my 12 week appt on Tuesday last week.

Everything is still looking great. Baby is growing right on schedule and had a hb of 157bpm. Nuchal fold measured low at 1.4 and the bloodwork came back with 1 in 10,000 chance, which was very reassuring.

DH and I decided that since everything is going well, its time to spread the news! Levi has worn his new big brother shirt 3 times in the last week, lol. Told work, daycare and both sets of parents, so I am sure it will trickle out to the rest of the world soon!

Its about time too, cuz this belly is growing fast!

We got a few good pics at the NT scan too, and the tech even took a 3D one!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Appt!

Went in for my first appt today. I was super nervous, both because I really REALLY wanted to see a little one with a nice strong heartbeat, but also because I found out my OB will be resigning and I needed to talk to her about options.

Ultrasound went great and everything is going perfectly! Baby is due to arrive around October 12th!!!

As for my ob, she recommended 2 other practioners. Her first recommendation is a male PA, and then because I am not so sure about that, she also gave me the name of the other female OB in the healthcare system. I am going to give them both a try. My other option would be to continue to see my current OB at her new practice close to an hour and a half away, and deliver at a hospital thats 45 minutes away... Although I would LOVE to stay with her, I don't trust being that far out since Levi came so quickly.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Betas were great!

Tuesday 4:30pm at 16dpo: 609
Friday 8am at 19dpo: 2077

doubling time of 36.16 hrs!

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